Menu for groups of 20 persons or more

Menu for groups - valid the whole year*
Mixed side salad 4,20

'Domhof salad' mixed salad with cheese and ham


Cold meat salad Domhof style' with cucumber and onion, served with brown bread

8,50 €

'Palatinate sausages' served with bacon sauce, wine-sauerkraut and brown bread

9,20 €

'Palatinate liver dumpling' served with red wine sauce, wine-sauerkraut and brown bread

9,20 €

'Palatinate's favourite dish' sausage, liver dumpling, saumagen, wine-sauerkraut and brown bread 

11,90 €
Pork steak 'hunter style' served with mushrooms, creamy sauce and buttered knoepfli
11,90 €
Fried pork-cutlet with french fries 10,80 €
Chicken breast fillet in a creamy curry sauce served with a baked pineapple ring and basmati rice  11,40 €
Argentiniean angus rump steak from the grill with broiled onions and fried potatoes 23,90 €
Fillet of salmon from the grill served with a creamy chives sauce and basmati rice 15,80 €
Vegetarian potatoe pockets filled with cream cheese and herbs, served with mixed salad 9,20 €
'Senior plate' 2 medaillons of pork with creamy sauce and buttered knoepfli
9,90 €

Prices are subject to change. * except Easter, Christmas, New Year's Eve