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Menu for groups

  • Main course

    • ''Domhof salad-bowl“: Mixed leaf salad, raw vegetables salads, tomato, egg, cucumber, with ham and cheese
      11,80 €
    • Cold meat salad "Domhof style" with cucumber and onion, served with brown bread
      8,90 €
    • Palatinate sausages, served with fresh wine sauerkraut and brown bread
      9,80 €
    • Palatinate liver dumplings with red wine sauce, served with fresh wine sauerkraut and brown bread
      9,80 €
    • "Palatinate´s favourite dish": Fried sausage, liver dumpling with red wine sauce, saumagen, wine-sauerkraut and brown bread
      12,80 €
    • Pork steak "hunter style" served with fresh mushrooms, creamy sauce and buttered knoepfli
      12,80 €
    • Breaded and fried pork cutlet with French fries
      12,80 €
    • Chicken breast fillet with a creamy curry sauce, served with a fried pineapple ring and basmati rice
      12,20 €
    • Argentinean angus rump steak from the grill with fried onions and fried potatoes
      24,80 €
    • Salmon fillet from the grill served with a creamy chives sauce and basmati rice
      16,80 €
    • "Seniors plate" 2 medaillons from pork with buttered knoepfli and creamy sauce
      10,80 €
    • VEGETARIAN: Potato pockets filled with cream cheese and herbs, served with mixed salad
      9,80 €
    • "Seniors plate": 2 medaillons of pork with creamy sauce and buttered knoepfli
      10,80 €
    • Mixed side salad
      4,50 €
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