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List of souvenirs

DOMHOF beer to give away

Here you can find a selection of popular souvenirs for your friends or family:

Do not hesitate to ask us for further information: 06232/67440

5-litre party can

You can choose between light, dark, Pils or wheat-beer.

Price for the beers listed above: 14,50 €

Price for party cans with seasonal beer: 15,50 €

'Speyerer mini can'

You can choose between 1/2 litre of light, dark, Pils or wheat-beer

Price: 7,00 € (includes beer and can)  price for a refill: 2,60 €

Beer mug

0,3 litre 2,70 €

0,5 litre 3,30 €

Stein glass

1 litre 5,90 €

Wheat-beer glass

1/2 litre 3,30 €

Gift coupon

You can buy a gift card (minimum value 20,00 €) directly in our restaurant or order a gift card via email.

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