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Small beer guide

In our small house brewery we have been producing since 1988 still properly hand brewed, naturally cloudy and unfiltered beer.

The 3 sorts light, dark and wheat are available all year round. This assortment is seasonally supplemented by various Bock beers (in May the Maibock, during our Oktoberfest weeks the festival beer for the Oktoberfest, as well as the Nikolausbock in December). In addition, our very popular "Pils" or "DomCraft", especially in summer, is brewed according to the whim of the two master brewers.  

On our website and on site we will of course inform you which special offer beers are currently on sale.

Light DOMHOF Beer

A heartily refreshing bottom-fermented beer with an amber-brown colour, lightly hopped with the finest Tettnang aroma hops, fermented between 7-9 °C Matures for 3 weeks in the lagering cellar, which allows the yeast to settle and the naturally refreshing carbon dioxide to be bound.  Original wort: 12%, alcohol: 5,1 - 5,3 % vol.

Light DOMHOF wheat beer

A top-fermented beer with a strong amber-brown colour, ferments between 18 and 20 °C. The top-fermented yeast produces the typical aromatic wheat beer taste. Storage time in the storage cellar 14 days. Original gravity 12. 5%, alcohol content between 5. 1 and 5. 3%.

Dark DOMHOF beer

A bottom-fermented beer with a strong, black-brown colour, only slightly hopped and slightly stronger than the light beer. Original wort 12. 5% with a slightly more sweet character. Ferment 7 days between 7-9 °C. In the lager cellar the beer matures for 3 weeks at 0 °C and binds the natural carbonic acid. Alcoholic content 5,1 - 5,5 %.


Since 1988 we brew our bottom-fermented Nikolausbockbier every year only at Christmastime. The traditional brewing process and the hand-picked ingredients form the perfectbalance of the best aroma hops from Tettnang. In addition, typically strong malt, characterized by malting barley from domestic soils. With its strong amber-brown colour, theunmistakable hop flower and the extraordinary aromas of caramel malt, DomhofNikolausbockbier is a taste experience for every beer gourmet. Festive, full-bodied and wonderfully palatable. A glass full of winter magic with a strongcharacter. Ingredients: water, barley malt, yeast and aroma hops - original gravity 16% - alcohol vol. 6%.

Domhof Pils

The hand-picked ingredients of the best aroma hops from Tettnang, bitter hops from the Hallertau and strong malt, combined with brewing barley from local soils, give our Domhof Pils the perfect balance. With its sunny yellow colour, Domhof Pils is ideal for beer lovers who like it to be light and tangy. Original wort: 12,5 %, alcohol: 5,0 % vol.


Our DOMCRAFT. Rebellious. Fruity. Powerful. The Domhof beer with its shimmering coppery colour and creamy white foam invites you to enjoy it. Thanks to the hop variety Callista it has a rather exotic scent of tropical fruit and aromas of tangerine, orange and fresh gooseberry come to fruition. The first sip: pure fruit, simply refreshingly tangy. The fruitiness slowly turns into a hint of hops when drinking. A light malty sweetness remains. Original wort: 12,9%, alcohol: 4,9-5,1 % vol.


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