Our BeerProduction


This is how our beer is made:

The ingredients according to purity requirement from the year 1516:
depending on the type of beer: barley malt, wheat malt, color malt, shot / ground malt

For all who want to know exactly

First the malt is crushed and then mashed into the brew kettle. The mash is then kept at temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees for about 2 hours. During this time, the enzymes that are unique to the malt become active and convert the existing starch into malt sugar. After "saccharification", the mash is lautered in the lauter tun. 2 components remain. Firstly, the malt grains, which are then used as concentrated feed for animals on local farms. The second is the wort, which is the basic substance for the later beer. During the 90-minute boiling time, the fine Tettnang aromatic hops are added to the wort. Furthermore, water is evaporated during wort boiling, thus concentrating the product to its original wort content. The amount of original wort determines the later alcohol content. After "wort boiling" the wort is knocked out in the so-called "whirlpool". Here the well-tried "teacup effect" comes into effect and the hops settle conically on the centre of the bottom. The wort is then cooled down from 100 to 8 degrees by means of a plate cooler. Now it is ready to be put on - that means: it is aerated and immediately afterwards pure yeast is added. In the fermenting cellar, the yeast ferment at 8 degrees Celsius about 60% of the total sugar and produce natural carbonic acid and alcohol. After the main fermentation, the young beer is cooled down and pumped into a closed storage tank for secondary fermentation and maturation. Here the Domhof light, dark, wheat or bock beer remains for a good 3 weeks until it has finally developed its aromatic, full-bodied Domhof taste.

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